Becoming Dr Cheese

I’ve been on hiatus – I’m sure if any of you read my weekly posts (does anyone follow this regularly? Except you, Mom!) you may have noticed. 

But guys: I finally graduated! After handing in my thesis last August and passing my viva without corrections in December, I finally got to don the gown and strut my way across the stage. And it was a glorious day. Made even more glorious by the fact that my family came all the way from Missouri to celebrate!

The bowties were my request.
The bowties were my request.

In fact, I had a glorious coupla’ weeks! As part of my graduation celebration spectacular, the Preston Family hopped the Channel and headed to Budapest and Prague for some exploring. It was hot. There wasn’t much air conditioning. But the beer was cold and the sights were awesome!

I made my own hat. James was unimpressed.
I made my own hat. James was unimpressed.

My only real complaint about my grad-tacular is Newcastle University’s lack of doctoral hats. I worked hard – I want a whimsical hat.

While it was slightly delayed, graduation was a great refresher on why I keep doing what I do. I’m not gonna lie, these past six months as a post-postgrad have been trying, to say the least; but taking a moment – or two whole weeks! – to celebrate what I have accomplished with the people I love most, rather than stressing about all of the things I still have to do – was just the recharge I needed! Now let’s write all the articles!


One thought on “Becoming Dr Cheese

  1. And, because you did it; we were able to see and do things we never dreamed possible. Additionally, your hard earned organizational and research skills paid off on the spectacular itinerary you compiled. However, there is one thing the fine Doctor couldn’t do…great selfies of four people with something notable in the background. Thank your very tall and long armed brother for those. Signed, The Mom who does read these regularly and often.


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