Hail Seizure!

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Cannabis. And Pliny the Elder. But also cannabis.

Oh yeah. We’re going there. And we’re not taking¬†Hippocrates.


Instead we’re gonna focus on two other ancient legends: one, a nature loving hippie/scholar/politician named Pliny the Elder; the other, a vainglorious physician who shaped nearly every aspect of rational medicine that came before and after him name Galen of Pergamon. I’m gonna do a whole post on the latter¬†sometime soon, as he was highly influential on medicine up until the modern era – as much as I hate to further contribute to his ego. Continue reading

‘Let food be your medicine…’

Carl Nathan's History of MedicineSo I found this image on the interwebz and suffered a multilayered reaction. The first was a brief guffaw followed by curiosity as to who this Carl Nathan fellow is. Then I got a bit pedantic and defensive – the Medieval era probably deserves a little more credit and the early modern era/Renaissance is just completely left out! The horror!

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